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Our story

''With our artwork, we aim to encourage innovative thinking. It serves as a daily reminder to change our mindset regarding methods of production and consumption, challenging the status quo.''

Additionally, we foster conversations about the future and sustainable dialogues. Our mission is to ignite a spark of innovation within you.

Our art isn't just beautiful; it's a daily call to action, serving as a conversation starter, a catalyst for change, and a bridge to a more sustainable future.

''To break the rules, you must first master them''

Starters of the sustainable dialogue

Circulair kunstwerk gemaakt op een oud zonnepaneel

Our story

In the heart of Amsterdam, where the canals reflect centuries of history, there’s a young art label called MAIM. But MAIM isn’t your typical art brand. No, they’re on a mission, and it all starts with nature.

Nature is more than just an inspiration for MAIM; it’s their lifeline. Their mission? To contribute to the sustainable conservation of our planet through their art. They draw their inspiration from the diverse landscapes of our world. Whether it’s the majestic glaciers and tundras of Iceland or the awe-inspiring deserts of the Sahel, MAIM aims to transfer the unique essence of these places right into your living space.

What sets MAIM apart is that all their artworks are one-of-a-kind creations, meticulously crafted by the talented artist Christian Ibink. But here’s the intriguing part: Christian chooses to label himself as MAIM Amsterdam, driven by a greater purpose. He believes that art should stand on its own merits, regardless of who created it. MAIM, which stands for “My Art Is Mine,” embodies this philosophy. It means that the art you acquire isn’t just a decoration; it’s a reflection of your interests, personality, and passions.

Christian’s decision to be MAIM allows you to appreciate the art for what it truly is, free from preconceived notions about the artist. It’s about the connection you feel with the artwork, the emotions it evokes, and the message it conveys.

Each MAIM artwork is a complex composition, carefully layered with diverse mediums, and elegantly finished with a thin layer of their high-tech gloss. It’s a dance of balance and contrast, reminiscent of the mastery displayed by art legends like Picasso and Rembrandt.

But beyond the art itself, there’s a deeper purpose that fuels Christian’s creative journey. It’s his dream to use his art to tell the world that everyone must embrace sustainability. MAIM Amsterdam’s art is a silent messenger, urging us to cherish and protect our planet. Through his work, Christian hopes to inspire a global movement towards a more sustainable future, one where we all play a part in preserving the beauty of nature for generations to come.

So, when you bring a piece of MAIM art into your home, you’re not just decorating; you’re connecting with nature’s beauty and supporting a mission for a more sustainable world. Your home becomes a canvas for change, a testament to the power of art and nature combined. That’s the story behind MAIM Amsterdam, where every piece is a unique masterpiece, and your space transforms into a sanctuary of inspiration, all without the distraction of the artist’s identity, letting you fully immerse yourself in the art itself.

Christian Ibink - Founder & Artist

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