From scrapyard to fine art.

De inspiratiebron van MAIM Amsterdam.
een circulair kunstwerk van MAIM Amsterdam

Starting the sustainable conversation

Our mission is to reduce your ecological footprint and raise awareness for the upcoming recycling challenges in the solar power industry.

Our mission is to reduce your ecological footprint and raise awareness for the upcoming recycling challenges in the solar power industry.

With MAIM Solar, we are proud to be the first in Europe to introduce high-quality circular art objects. We have discovered an innovative way to upcycle solar panels without CO2 emissions, using them as a canvas for a unique and premium artwork.


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By 2030, there will be 30 to 37 million kilograms of solar panel waste. But what are we going to do about it?

“We draw attention to the significant recycling challenge in the solar panel industry, making an impact in the world of residual streams.


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We are a collective of passionate and committed individuals who consider it important to create a world that works for everyone. Such a world begins with sustainability, and we make this our mission.

Welcome to the energy transition

We are in the midst of the energy transition, moving from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable energy sources. This is a significant challenge, but also an opportunity to make our society more sustainable and resilient. Circular art can contribute to this transition by mobilizing creativity and imagination to find solutions to complex environmental issues. By utilizing waste materials and sustainable resources, artists can help reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Furthermore, circular art can raise awareness and educate people about the need for sustainability and the importance of a healthy planet. By integrating art into the energy transition, we can stimulate creativity and innovation, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


Solar panels have an average lifespan of 20-25 years. This means that the first solar panels are now being depreciated. While solar energy is sustainable, the same cannot be said for the panels themselves. The recycling process for a solar panel typically results in approximately 3-6 kilograms of CO2 emissions

Sustainable Development Goals

"Towards a Sustainable Future Together."

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are 17 goals aimed at making the world a better place by 2030. All United Nations member states have committed to these goals, and we are proud to contribute to them as well.

Want to learn more? Read about what the SDGs entail and join us in working towards a sustainable future.

MAIM Solar

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Inspired by nature, better for the world.

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